Social Responsibility


Education is one of the core components of Sustainability. Financial assistance is provided toward school fees, school uniforms, and other related expenses for our employees. Stripform supports the Atlantis community by contributing toward educational initiatives such as ensuring the education system in schools is upgraded and skill levels are encouraged, nurtured and supported.

Skills Development

Continuous improvement is key to the growth of any business. Improvement of systems and skills are equally crucial, therefore our employees receive on-going internal and external training to meet the growth of our company. Together we ensure the sustainable delivery of quality products and services.

Health Care

Our canteen provides healthy subsidized meals and our on-site clinic assists with general health issues. The support from the occupational sister with general health and medicinal queries contributes to low absenteeism and employee well-being.

Community Projects

We participate in various community projects in Atlantis and support organisations dealing with TB and HIV/AIDS, substance abuse and the Community Policing Forum.

Substance Abuse

We pride ourselves in supporting prevention programmes by engaging in workshops and rehabilitation programs against substance abuse to empower our employees.


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